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How can I tell which workflow route triggered?

First, find the user in the Console (you can use the magnifying glass search at the top of the page) and open up their account. Next, click on the Activity tab and scroll down until you see the relevant workflow triggering event. Right above this event, listed with the same exact timestamp, you should see a decision. Decisions are represented by a red, green or yellow square with a white symbol inside. Confirm that a decision resulted from an automated workflow run by looking for the workflow symbol and the name of your workflow. In this example, we can see that the Auto Block decision resulted from Grace's Example Workflow.


Click on that decision and you'll see more details appear in the right-hand side panel, including the route that triggered. In the below example, we can see that the High Score Block route triggered. This route triggers whenever the Payment score is greater than 80.


Newly launched in September 2022, you will now see a Workflow Run Log below the Route name, which indicates the exact values that triggered the workflow route.

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