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Workflow Run Log

Gain insight into Workflow Decisions by exploring the Run Log. You can find this tool in the Activity tab for a user in the Sift Console. Select any Workflow Decision to get started. 

With the Run Log, you can now easily identify why any automated Workflow Decision was applied. See every route of the Workflow along with the values that the user/entity had when the Workflow ran. Use this insight to answer the following questions: 

  • Why did this Decision get applied by my Workflow?
  • Why didn't a different Route trigger in my Workflow?
  • How could I have adjusted my Route logic to catch this user? 
  • What other outcomes were possible? 



Decision Sidebar 

The Workflow Run Log is available for any Decision that was applied through a Workflow. This includes both Decisions that are automatically applied by the Workflow and Decisions that are applied by a Review Queue. To access the Run Log, select any user in the Explore interface and click their Activity tab. Select any decision that shows the Workflow Icon and Workflow Name next to it to open the Decision Sidebar 


The Decision Sidebar will show you a snapshot of information about the Workflow Run, including the name of the Workflow, the name of the Route that matched, the conditions of the Route, and the values of the entity for each Route condition. 


Run Log

Click the Open Workflow Run Log button in the Decision Sidebar to open the Run Log. You will be able to see the entire Workflow with all routes, conditions, and the entity's values for those conditions. 

The title of the Workflow and the time at which this Workflow ran will be displayed at the top of the modal. Below the title, the blue banner will indicate if the Workflow you are viewing is the latest published version of the Workflow or a version that has since been overwritten. 


Hit the Jump to matched route button to auto-scroll to the Workflow route that was triggered. 


Each Workflow Route will show the conditions, values of the entity for each condition, and the outcome of that route. If a route was not triggered, it will be shown without highlighting. 


The route that was matched will be highlighted as shown: 


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