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Sift now supports both 6 digit BINs and 8 digit BINs

The $card_bin field now supports 8 digit BINs in addition to 6 digit BINs. This ensures Sift users are prepared for the ISO requirement for the payment industry to embrace extended BINs. In response to the demand for card-based payment types outpacing the supply of BINs, ISO insisted that the payment ecosystem adopt at least 8 digit BINs by April 2022.


As its standard practice for Sift to include the BIN and the last 4 digits, Sift displays the quantity of digits within the reported BIN (either 6 or 8) and the last 4 digits of the card. Supporting 8 digit BINs ensures Sift properly ingests information from extended BINs for use in feature extraction for scores, criteria for workflows, and correlation in the Global Data Network. Businesses can trust that no data related to the card issuer, geography, and other card details is lost or misinterpreted due to an incomplete BIN.

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