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Route Metrics help article


Our in-workflow metrics help you quickly see the health of your workflow. You can also dig into individual routes to see more details about their performance.


Key features

  1. See the rate of overturned Decisions for your entire workflow as well as each route individually to identify under-performing routes that may need editing.

  2. See a graph of the volume-over-time for each route - across workflow edits - to see trends and which routes had the most volume on a certain day.

  3. See a table of the latest Decisions for all the runs that went through each route with breakdowns by Decision type and name to see what happens to things that go through that route. Are they being overturned or maintaining the same outcome?


Note: The metrics are 10-15 minutes behind real-time. We cache the data for a few minutes as a result, if you leave the workflow and come back a just few minutes later you may see the same numbers.



Exploring the metrics


Each metric has a description - just click on it to reveal a hover state:



We also have a few info "i" hovers that give helpful details when clicked, like this one:



Expanding routes to see volume over time and latest Decisions

For routes with runs, click on the caret (“v”) in the bottom right corner to expand for more metrics:


Use the volume graph to answer questions like:

  • How many users is my new route is affecting?

  • Is my review volume trending up or down?

  • What percentage of my signups did I block on a given day?


Hover over a bar to see the count of runs and the percentage of your entire workflow’s runs for that day or hour. We also show workflow edits:



Click “Latest Decisions“ to see a table of the latest Decision for every workflow run that happened in the time period:



Click to expand a row and see a breakdown of Decisions for that category:



Use the Latest Decisions table to answer questions like:

  • What percentage of my auto-block or auto-accept Decisions are overturned? And which Decision names do they go on to get?

  • Do users go on to have similar outcomes, or a wide variety (which could suggest the route isn’t good at targeting a specific type of user).


If you have any feedback or any more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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