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Enabling the Stripe Connector

For businesses using Stripe as their payment service provider, our Stripe Connector makes it easy to create a pipeline for dispute and chargeback data into Sift with just a few clicks. Sending chargeback data to Sift will boost the accuracy of your model and augment the data available in the Console for manual review.

To activate the Connector, you need to send Sift your Stripe API keys:

  1. Login to your Stripe Dashboard.

  2. On the left menu, expand the 'Developers' tab and click 'API keys.'


  3. Create an API key for production access to your Stripe account:

    -Disable 'Viewing test data' using the toggle switch in the upper right corner of the page.

    -Click 'Create restricted key' button on the restricted keys table. 


    -Create a name for the key (e.g. Stripe-Sift Key).

    -Grant 'Read' permissions for Charges and Disputes and 'Write' permissions for Webhook Endpoints. After ensuring other permissions are set to 'None,' click 'Create Key' at the bottom of the page.


    -Click 'Reveal test key token' in the restricted keys table, then save the value to send to Sift.


  4. On the left menu, expand the 'Developers' tab and click 'Logs.'

  5. Copy the entire response body for any of the /v1/charges API calls and save it to send to Sift. This will help us to map the fields correctly to your Sift account.

  6. Send both API key and the response body to

That’s it! Dispute data will begin flowing into Sift in about a week.


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