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Using Sift Organizations

Sift Organizations enable enterprises to connect multiple Sift accounts, giving team members the ability to toggle between them with a single login. Sift has a dashboard view that enables members of the global team to monitor KPIs across accounts and manage global settings such as billing information.


Configure Sift Organizations

To configure a Sift Organization, please reach out to

Toggling between accounts

Once the Sift Organization is created, team members with access can toggle between accounts using the dropdown menu on the top toolbar. If there are several accounts in the menu, simply start typing the name of the account you would like to see and that account name will be highlighted for quick access (in the example below, typing 'sift' highlights the account). If the Sift Organization has more than 8 accounts, a search bar is added at the top of the menu allowing even faster account toggling.


Add existing users to another account

To add an existing team member to your account, you must have permission to invite and manage team members. First, toggle into the account you’d like to add them to. From the Team tab of the Account Settings menu, click the ‘Invite’ button in the upper right. Then, select ‘Add existing team member,’ choose the user from the dropdown list, configure their permissions, and click ‘Invite.’


Add Team Members to Entire Organization

Users can now be added at the Org Level, with a default role. You can edit multiple users at once and add them to the preferred team and role:


Monitor account access

To see which accounts a team member has access to, click on their email address on the Team tab of the Account Settings menu. The accounts they have access to are listed in the account section of the Account Details pop-up. 



Remove users from account

To remove a user from an account, toggle into the account you’d like to remove them from. From the Team tab of the Account Settings menu, click on their email address. Then, in the account section of the Account Details pop-up, click ‘Remove Team Member.’


This can also be done at an Organization Level, to remove from all teams:



Do Sift Organizations support SSO?

Yes. If you have SSO configured, users will be able to access multiple accounts with a single login. You can configure the SSO settings from any of the connected accounts. 


Can a Sift Organization have two different SSO Settings?

No, Organizations can only have one SSO setting for all connected accounts.

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