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Whitepages Pro Integration

Our integration with Whitepages Pro gives you access to leading third-party identity data directly in the Sift Console. You can query Whitepages Pro with a single click — revealing key attributes of email, phone, address, and IP that allow you to review difficult cases quickly and confidently.

Configure your integration
Whether you have an existing relationship with Whitepages Pro or are looking to use their data for the first time, we can help facilitate your integration. Please reach out to

Add the Whitepages Pro card
To enable your team to run queries, you need to add the Whitepages Pro card to the Sift Console. You can do so using Layout Manager, or analysts can add it to their own workspace.


Run a new query
To run a new query, select which information you’d like to look up in Whitepages using the pre-populated dropdown menus. Then, click ‘Submit.’ After you run a query, the data will remain available in the Console for reference — even for other members of the team.

Run additional queries
Are you reviewing a user that has multiple billing addresses? You can easily get information on all of a users data by clicking ‘Make Another Request’. After selecting which information to look up, click ‘Submit.’ You can access any query you’ve run on a user using the arrows on the left and right sides of the card.



Q: Can I edit name, address, and other information manually?
A: This feature is on the roadmap.

Q: How will I be charged?
A: You will be charged by Whitepages on a per-query basis. You can track your current usage in your Whitepages Pro account.

Q: Can I automatically query WPP for every case I review?
A: This is on the roadmap. If you’d like this feature please let us know!

Q: What Whitepages data do you support?
A: We currently support the Identity Check API. This includes data on the shipping and billing addresses, email, phone, and IP.



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