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Sift Console Changelog

April 2019

Integration Health dashboard for webhooks

Quickly measure the health of your webhook integration with visibility into request volume, error rate, and more. Learn more

March 2019

New roles and permissions

Assign users to 8 new default roles, or create custom roles with feature-level control to ensure everyone has the access they need. Learn more

Advanced text matching in Sift Workflows

Create Workflows based on text matching criteria — including whole and partial word matching, case sensitivity, and wildcards. Learn more

January 2019

New Layout Manager

Create standard layouts in the Sift Console for each abuse type for more efficient reviews and faster onboarding. Learn more

Workflow Metrics reports in Sift Insights

Measure the effectiveness of your automation with new reports that show how often Workflows run, their accuracy, and the impact of decisions on users. Learn more

November 2018

New Login Inspector

Investigate account takeover faster with login activity grouped into profiles based on shared attributes — then apply decisions to multiple login events at once. Learn more

Analyst Performance reports in Sift Insights

Measure the performance of your analyst team to optimize operations — see review volume and accuracy at both the team and individual analyst level. Learn more

Content Integrity reports for Sift Insights

Measure the impact of content abuse on your business — see the volume of content posted, reported, and blocked in real time. Learn more

October 2018

Enhanced capabilities for content moderators

See listing details, reviews, comments, and parent listing within the Sift Console for more context and faster moderation. Learn more

Activity Log enhancements

Collapse multiple occurrences of the same event to more easily investigate pre- and post-spam activity. Learn more

Sift Insights — built-in reporting suite

Understand the impact of fraud on your business and make data-driven decisions. Reports for Payment Protection and Account Defense provide real-time visibility across time and data sources. Learn more

September 2018

Escalation Queues

Easily get another set of eyes on difficult cases with separate Escalation Queues to ensure they're resolved as quickly as possible. Learn more

August 2018

Better visibility in Activity Log

See an unlimited number of events along with changes in Sift Score and decisions made by your fraud team. You can also filter data in more ways and Decision inline on events. Learn more

New Sift Console layout

Operate more efficiently with manual review tools (Review Queues and Explore) separated by abuse type. Learn more

July 2018

New Integration Health dashboard

Ensure a high-quality integration with full visibility into the volume of data you send, your error rate, and warnings when data is problematic or not processed correctly. Learn more

Capability to run Workflows only on request

Set conditions to better control when Sift Workflows execute — such as only on the first ten events from a user or when payment method changes. Learn more

June 2018

Explore lists displayed vertically and autosave

Create and view lists more easily with a vertical layout consistent with Queues. Plus, new autosave capability enables you to edit criteria and update lists with fewer clicks. Learn more

May 2018

Images from content appear within Sift Console

See images from listings and posts alongside the other signals we track for faster moderation. Learn more


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