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Workflow Datasets

Coming soon

Datasets are a feature built into Sift Workflows that enable you to bundle multiple Workflow criteria into a single set. Storing criteria as a set makes it easy to create and manage Workflow routes without manually re-entering a large number of criteria each time you want to take action on a certain group.


Hundreds of criteria, one Dataset

Define groups based on up to 1,000 email addresses, IPs, keywords, or other criteria your business uses to make decisions — including text matching criteria with wildcards and case sensitivity.

Create whitelists and blacklists

Apply Datasets across Workflows to automatically take action (block, accept, add friction etc.) or queue cases for review.

Dataset management

Bulk download and upload capabilities make it simple to keep Datasets up-to-date, while a revision history ensures you’re aware of any changes or updates. You can even require manager approval before any changes go live.

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