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Using Workflow Lists

Workflow Lists allow you to compile criteria such as email addresses, IPs, and keywords into a single set — making it easy to create whitelists or blacklists and apply them across Workflows.

Create a new List

To create a new List, go to the “Lists” tab in Workflows and click “Create List.” Set a name and description that will make it easy for your team to know how to use the List.



Add criteria to a List

To add criteria, click into a List and use the text box to enter criteria. You can use advanced text matching criteria to pinpoint keywords and phrases — or use wildcard fields to take action on emails, IPs, and other criteria that fit a certain pattern. You can add up to 1,000 discrete criteria.


Add criteria in bulk

If you have an existing set of criteria you’d like to use, you can copy the criteria into the text box separated by commas.


Download criteria in bulk

To download your Workflow List as a csv file, click the more button and select “Download.”


Use a List in a Workflow

To use a List in a Workflow, open the Workflow you'd like to add it to. Click “Add Criteria,” then select the type of criteria in the list (i.e., email address). Then, select “a keyword from a List” and choose the List from the dropdown.



See changes made to a List

You can see a complete revision history by clicking the more button and selecting “Version History.” In this menu, you can see and download all previous versions of a List.



Disable a List

To disable a list, click on the more button and select "Disable List."



Re-enable a List

To re-enable a list, open the list from the "Disabled" area on the "Lists" tab. Then, click the more button and select "Enable List."



Restrict changes to Lists

Admins can use user roles & permissions to set which users can create, publish, edit, and view Workflow Lists.

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