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Using Layout Manager

The Layout Manager enables admins to standardize layouts in the Sift Console for each abuse type. With consistent layouts, you can onboard new analysts faster and ensure your team has the information they need to review cases effectively. 

Create a new layout

To create a new layout, go to the account settings page and click ‘Create Layout’ next to the abuse type you’d like to configure.

Note: once you create a standardized layout for your team, analysts will no longer be able to customize their user details pages individually.

Edit a layout

In order to edit a layout, click ‘Edit Layout’ in the upper right-hand corner.


Add or remove cards

To add a new card to your layout, click the ‘Add Card’ button in the upper right-hand corner and select the card you would like to include. If you would like to delete a card from your layout, simply click the X in the corner of the card to remove

Rearrange cards

To rearrange cards on the page, click on a card’s title bar and simply drag and drop it where you want it. The other cards will shift to accommodate the new layout.


Publish a layout

Once you finish editing a layout, select ‘Publish Layout’ to push it out to your team.


Delete a layout

If you wish to delete a layout, click the trash can in the upper right-hand corner. Once you delete a default layout, layouts for that abuse type will revert to their previous configurations.



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