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Console Updates August 2018: New Layout

Greetings from the Product Design team at Sift! We are launching a new layout. This document covers all the changes in the updated layout, but if you have any lingering questions just contact

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In the New Console Layout, we have re-organized the review tools by abuse type. If you are only using Sift to prevent one type of abuse, you'll notice that Review and Explore are now nested under an icon representing the type of abuse you are stopping. 


If you use Sift to prevent multiple types of abuse, you'll now see multiple icons in the Left side navigation, creating separate Review Queues and Explore Lists for each type of abuse you prevent.


How to View the Old/New Layout

To opt into the New Layout, press "try it now" on the banner in the console. 


To switch back to the Old Layout, go into your profile settings, and press "Switch to Old Layout"


You will be able to switch in and out of the New Layout for 30 days. If you have any concerns with the New Layout, just contact and we can work on fixing those issues. 



Viewing Different Scores

If you use Sift to prevent multiple types of abuse, there is a change to how you will view a user in a different abuse type. 


Previously, when you were viewing a user and wanted to see the scores and data for other abuse types, you would switch the view with a drop down in the top left hand corner.


In the New Layout, you can open the user in a new tab to see different scores and data from the 'Latest Status' card. 


New Layout - Viewing Other Scores



If you do not have the 'Latest Status' Card in your current layout, simply add it through the 'Add Card' Menu




Changes to Explore/Lists

One of the largest changes with this release is that Lists are now created, edited, and deleted separately for each abuse type. Previously, you only had one set of saved lists that you could view in any abuse type context. 


For all existing Lists, we have created a copy so they show up in each abuse type. Now you can delete or edit lists without impacting Lists in other abuse types. 

We have also gotten rid of Locked Lists, so now you can edit and save all your Lists, even the ones we created by default.  


 Relocating Profile Settings, Logout, and the Help Menu

We have relocated a few actions into a new Profile menu in the upper right hand corner. The new profile menu is where you will find:

  • Logout
  • Profile
  • Sift Science 101
  • Signals Glosary
  • Sandbox Mode



Relocating Search Bar

We have moved Search, where you can look up users and orders by email, user ID or Order ID in to the top bar next to your relocated profile settings. 




Changes to Sandbox

Sandbox is a way to test changes to your integration before you send and new data to Sift. We have now made it easier to switch to Sandbox, by putting this option in the Profile menu in addition to it's current location in the Developer tab. 

We have also updated the styling so it should be more apparent when you are in Sandbox.


If you are not a developer or do not need to test changes in Sandbox, just press the toggle to switch back to your Production data. 


Changes to Developer Logs

With this update, we have grouped all logs of notifications and webhooks under a new heading, "Webhook Logs." You can switch between seeing Decision Webhooks and other webhook types with another navigation. 



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