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Understanding Signals


The Signals view highlights the variables that contributed to an entity's Sift Score. They are ordered by the impact they had in determining the Sift Score for the entity, with the most important at the top of the list.

If you're using our old, sections layout of the console, find out how to switch to our new view here.

Here is an example from our demo environment:


Note: Only the most significant signals for the entity are displayed in this view. You may not see the same signals in each view.

Color Indicators

Each feature has a circular icon that is either red, yellow or green.

  • Red -- indicates an extremely risky feature
  • Yellow -- indicates a risky feature
  • Green -- indicates a feature that reduces the user's riskiness

Signal Description

Clicking an individual signal pops up a modal with the Signal value, the description, any annotations your admins have made, and entities who share the same Signal value:

In the example above, the email domain ( is shared with 223 other entities who are not labeled.

You can create a list of users who share the feature by clicking the blue bottom at the bottom of the modal. We also have a glossary of a small subset of our signals here.

Global Network Indicator

You may see some signals with a globe icon like in the example below:

This indicates that we've seen this value associated with fraud within our global network of customers. 

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