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Understanding Attributes

The Attributes view in the Console displays information we have about the users on your site. These appear in any user-based Lists you have as well as at the top of the User Details page. This view is designed to show you a quick overview of features that may help you decide if a user is fraudulent or not.

This view is completely customizable. Fraud varies from business to business, and you may have attributes that are more relevant to finding fraud on your site than the ones displayed by default -- especially if you are sending us custom fields and events

If you're using our old, sections layout of the console, find out how to switch to our new view here.

Here is an example from our demo environment:


You'll see the name of the attribute and its value for that user, as well as a circle to the left that is either blank, gray, yellow, red, or green. The color indicates the attribute's association with fraud. Hovering over the circular icon shows you how risky that feature is.

To add a new feature, click the "+ Add Attribute" button at the end of the Attributes and start typing in the name of the attribute you want to see. (Note: If you are on the Lite tier, you are limited to 3 attributes.)


You can edit or remove existing attributes by hovering over them and hitting either the edit or delete icon in the top right corner of the attribute.

You can rearrange Attributes by clicking the name of the feature. Once you've grabbed the attribute, boxes will appear around each feature and you can move them around as desired.


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