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In the network visualization, why do I see User ID #1 tied to User ID #2 but not the other way around?

You may see this happen occasionally due to a couple factors affecting the display:

  1. We only show links in the network visualization between the latest values.
  2. We update user identifiers when they have activity, or when someone they're linked to with a high score has activity.

What this means for the network visualization is sometimes user identifiers will not have bi-directional links.

For example:

Let's say both User ID #1 and User ID #2 have recent activity with IP address User ID #1 will see User ID #2 in their network and vice versa.

Then User ID #2 has new activity with IP address, but User ID #1 has no new activity. Now when you look at their visualizations, User ID #2 will no longer see User ID #1 in their network; however, User ID #1 will still have User ID #2 in their network (since we haven't updated them yet).

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