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Testing in the Sandbox

Your Sandbox account provides all the same functionality for testing our APIs and console, but test data often does not give the same range of scores as live data. As a result, it can be hard to produce high risk scores for testing. Here are strategies that developers have successfully used to test their integrations:

  1. Ignore scores altogether. Hard-coding scores into your backend makes changing them more work than it needs to be. Instead, consider setting up Workflows and Decisions.
  2. Write unit tests for your code to test various score values. Write a test that uses a mock Sift response / request with the score values you care about. Once you've successfully passed these and are properly receiving responses and requests from Sift, your code should be able to handle any score.
  3. For testing purposes, test on a value you know will be returned that is not the score, e.g. an email address you send to us in an event. Then, send an Events API event with that value as $user_email, grab it from the response and act as though it was the high score you're looking for.
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