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$payment_method(s) error

If you send a $create_order or a $transaction and get an error about $payment_method(s), such as
it's likely due to this common confusion:
One $create_order can have multiple $transactions (someone might use two payment methods to pay for an order). As a result, $create_order takes a list of multiple Payment Method objects while $transaction only takes a single Payment Method object. So, you'll send
'$payment_methods : [ { } ]' in $create_order, but
'$payment_method : { }' in $transaction.
Here is a simplified example for when a user places an order and uses both a gift card and credit card to pay for it. You would send the following events to Sift:
  $order_id : "123"
  $payment_methods : [ {gift card}, {credit card} ]
  $transaction_id : "A"
  $order_id : "123"
  $payment_method : {gift card}
  $transaction_id : "B"
  $order_id : "123"
  $payment_method : {credit card}
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