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Understanding Saved Searches

You can leverage all the data you send Sift when building Saved Searches and Workflows, or doing one-time searches. 




Find and Organize Saved Searches

If you manage large lists of Saved Searches, you can save time finding specific Saved Searches by typing the name of the needed Saved Search into the local search bar.


You can even organize your list of Saved Searches per your individual needs by dragging and dropping the Saved Searches in the sort order that keeps you most productive.



Bulk Decisions in Saved Searches

You can also select multiple Saved Search items and apply a decision in a few clicks right from the Explore Saved search. Once the items of interest are selected, apply a decision from the drop down of the Bulk Decisions button at the top right of the Saved Search table.


Decision a specific item within the Saved Search table by choosing the necessary decision in the dropdown of the Decision button.



Creating and Editing Saved Searches

You can create a new Saved Search by clicking plus ('+') button at the top of the list of current Saved Searches. From there, simply add the criteria needed for your Saved Search.


In the criteria builder, you will see categories on the left hand side which help you filter through all the potential items you can use. On the right side are the actual items you can choose from. Hovering over any item on the right will expand to display a full description.


Once you've selected an item, you'll be taken to a screen with a full description of the item, an area for you to determine its value, and also a hint on how to format your entry.


To edit a Saved Search, just click on the Criteria. 


Once you've entered all the criteria values you desire, click "Save" to save it to your Saved Search. 


Notes on Formatting

There are a few different type of fields that require different input types.

1. Numeric


2. Boolean


3. Text Field -- Note: this field is case-sensitive.


4. Custom fields -- Check with your developer to confirm the possible values and proper formatting. The Activity section of users with these fields will give you a clue as well.


Saved Search Bulk Deletions

Once you decide to clean up your saved searches list, it can be easily done right from the searches list side panel.


Select the saved searches you want to delete and click on the Remove icon that appeared on the top of sidepanel.



Once confirmed, this action cannot be undone.

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