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Understanding the Activity Section

The Activity section shows you a user identifier's history on your site. Here you can see all the API and page activity events we've received as well as the score history. We also provide alerts that call out changes that may be indicative of fraud. (e.g., New last 4 digits of card, new IP address, etc).

Below is a detailed breakdown of the section:


With an event selected


1. Event Filter: Allows you to select which events you would like to view. Check all that apply. 

2. Timeline Navigation: Provides day to day summaries of activities, including the peak score, the number and types of different events, and any alerts. Click to jump to a specific date. 

3. First Event: the date of the first activity we have seen for the user identifier. 

4. Score History: Shows the Sift Score at the time of each event. This is the score for the current abuse type you are viewing. If you click into specific events you can see scores for each type of abuse your company uses Sift to prevent. 


5. API Event: Any event we've received through our API. Click into the event to see the details sent with the event. Events with sub types and statuses will also show the status below the event name and the sub type in parentheses. 

6. ID: Shows the ID of the order, content, or session that the event was for. 

7. Page Views/Mobile Events: The page views or mobile app events we've received tied to a user identifier from our JavaScript Snippet or Mobile SDK. Expand to see the exact page URLs and properties. 


8. Decision Events: Shows the history of decisions made, and the source of the decision. Workflow Decisions (as pictured) will include the Workflow name in the Decision Source.  

9. Alerts: Indicates changes we believe may be risky (e.g., New IP address, new last 4 digits for a card, etc).

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