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Understanding the Network view

The Network view on the User Details page shows connections between users on your site. On the left you'll find the user you're currently investigating, and on the right, you'll find the connected users.

On the left are also the attributes that connect the users and the number of users who share the same attribute. You can select the users sharing one attribute by clicking the selection box to the left of the attribute:


Hovering over the feature name will show you its exact value:


Hovering over the number of connected users to the right of an attribute will temporarily highlight the users connected with that attribute:


Clicking the number of connected attributes will hide the users not connected with that attribute so that the users who are connected are isolated in view. You can isolate several attributes at a time for viewing users connected to a group of attributes.


Clicking the 'Show all connections' button will unhide the users that were hidden from isolating on a single attribute.


On the right hand side is a clickable list of the connected users. Click a username to be taken to their User Details page. Hovering over a user shows a quick view of the User Details.


Users are displayed with their score and red or green dots indicating whether they are Decisioned fraudulent or legitimate, respectively. The 'View in internal tool' icon to the right of the users listed in the connected users column on the right can be used to link to tools that allow further analysis of the user. This link can be setup in the Display Settings.


Pin / Hide Attributes

Administrators can pin attributes that are important for their analysts' day to day reviews. This also helps new analysts get up to speed quickly on which attributes are most important for the business. Administrators can likewise hide attributes that are not important to the business to keep the analysts' view simple and efficient.

Pin attributes in the Network view by clicking the ellipses next to the attribute of interest and selecting 'Pin attribute'. 


Hide attributes similarly by selecting 'Hide attribute' from this list of options.

Unpin attributes by clicking the ellipses next to a pinned attribute and select 'Unpin attribute'.


To reveal attributes that have been hidden, click the 'Show hidden attributes' drop down. To unhide a hidden attribute click the ellipses beside the hidden attribute and select 'Unhide attribute'.


This will return this attribute to the list of attributes assuming there are connections for this attribute (otherwise, the attribute will not populate in the list of attributes).

Attributes can also be pinned and hidden using the settings in the Display Settings of the Account Settings page. Here an Administrator can create a list of attributes that will be pinned and hidden.


Admins can search for an attribute of interest and add it to the list of pinned or hidden attributes. Admins can also remove attributes by clicking the trash icon next to the attribute.


Bulk Decisioning

There are many ways to select users who share the same attributes for bulk Decisioning. If users are connected by attributes in the Network view, you will see the number of users beside the attributes. Click the selection box to the left of an attribute to select users connected by this attribute.


Likewise, select multiple users by clicking selection boxes to the right of each user one by one, or using the bulk selection box at the top of the column of connected users. This selection box will be blank if no users are selected, opaque if all users are selected, and will show a horizontal line if a number of users are selected between the maximum number of users and no users. 


Click the Decision button to apply a Decision to the selected users—bulk Decisions can be applied to multiple users. Select which Decision will be applied from the drop down and all selected users will now be updated with this latest decision.



Is there a list of attributes that I can see when I'm ready to pin/hide?
A: While in the Network Visualization Configurations settings within the Display Settings view, a Sift Admin will see a search bar for pinning and hiding attributes. Upon clicking the search field, you will see a list of attributes to choose from. Sift has two ways of populating this list:

  1. Custom fields: any custom fields you selected for use within the Console
  2. Sift-sourced fields: attributes surfaced by our machine learning algorithms as well as our domain knowledge and exposurethese will vary by customer

Sift Admins can choose which of these attributes to pin/hide from the Network view as the attributes appear dynamically, or pin specific attributes requested by agents (using the search functionality in the Display Settings).

I pinned an attribute. Why is it not showing up?
A: Connections within the Network view are dynamic and will update as the model continues to learn from incoming data. If the attribute you pinned has no connections at this time for the selected User, it will not show up.

Can I pin/hide attributes by product line?
A: At this time, pin/hide selections are applied across all of your products.

If I pin and hide attributes, does that only apply to my account, or will that affect others on my team?
A: The pin/hide settings apply account-wide, so these configuration settings will impact the view for all team members.

Can I alter the order in which the attributes show in the list?

A: While the order of attributes cannot be changed in the Network view, you can modify the display order from the Display Settings page. This will allow you to keep the top attributes for your business at the top of the list.

Does pining/hiding attributes affect the Sift Score?

A: No, these actions do not impact the ML the produces the Sift Score.

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