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Mobile app integration

Sift Science has an iOS/Android Mobile SDK that can be used to collect and send device information and app life cycle events to Sift Science! 

Further - here are some other tips and tricks for getting the most out of mobile:

While many mobile apps do not incorporate JavaScript, if yours does (WebView, UIWebView, etc) you can integrate our Javascript snippet.

Here are some general tips, as well:

  1. Send a custom field that captures the different fraud rates you see across different channels

    channel : "iOS" / "Android" / "Web"

  2. For events initiated from your native app, send the IP address in a field named $ip with each event.  Send as a string.

  3. As with any integration, send as many reserved events as you can. Add custom events and fields to more completely capture the behavior of your users and the choices they make. This gives your machine learning model more signals for making distinctions between risky and non-risky users.


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