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Differences between your Sandbox and Production accounts

Your sandbox account allows you to send us data without affecting your production machine learning model. Once you have verified that you send Sift Science data at all the correct points and that the data sent is properly formatted, you simply need to swap your sandbox API keys for your production API keys to start sending data to production.

Here are the important differences between your Sandbox and Production accounts:

  • Labels/Decisions and events sent there will not be connected to labels and events sent to your production account.
  • We will provide risk scores for users in your Sandbox account for testing purposes, but these scores should not be used for making business decisions about users.  They do not reflect the labels/decisions you send as we do not build a custom fraud prediction model based on Sandbox data.
  • You can always send events to your Sandbox free of charge, even after the trial. This way, you can test changes and improvements to you integration as time goes on.

To toggle between the two and get the right API keys, visit the API Keys page in your console.

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