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Does Sift work with PayPal?

Yes! PayPal offers two different ways to pay.  They offer paying via a PayPal account as well as a credit card processing service.  In both cases you should send us the $payment_gateway value $paypal in your $payment_method object.

If they are paying via a PayPal account set the $payment_type to $third_party_processor, and in the case of credit card processing set the $payment_type to $credit_card.

We have other supported subfields for PayPal including:

  • $paypal_payer_id
  • $paypal_payer_email
  • $paypal_payer_status
  • $paypal_address_status
  • $paypal_protection_eligibility
  • $paypal_payment_status

We encourage you to send as many of these as possible. For more information on the Payment Method object, see our Events API documentation.

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